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Of the parts

The terms expressed in this contract constitute the conditions of use and privacy for all services currently provided and those added in the future, by IKOMSOFT on its website www.ikomsoft.com.

The user accepts, at the moment of beginning to use the service, to respect all the conditions imposed by this contract.

Terms Used

The definitions below will have the following meaning in this contract:

The term "contract" or "agreement" refers to this contract and its Terms and Conditions.
The term "applicable laws" refers to the laws that apply to this type of contract.
The term "site" or "website" refers to the site where all the services that IKOMSOFT offers are provided, without taking into account possible third parties related to IKOMSOFT.
The term "service" or "services" refers to the application that IKOMSOFT offers on its website and that operates from the ikomsoft.com domain. It also refers to the use of the IKOMSOFT website and its support center
The term "IKOMSOFT", "IKOMSOFT System", "we", "our" refers to IKOMSOFT and all its associates.
The term "System" refers to the web platform used by IKOMSOFT to provide its service, including the software that uses the platform and all its contents.
The term "Application" refers to the software that IKOMSOFT offers as a service on its site ikomsoft.com
The term "account holder" refers to the person in whose name the company is registered in IKOMSOFT.
The term "user" refers to the person who visits and uses the IKOMSOFT website and its application, whether or not it is an "account holder"
The term "Plan" refers to the conditions of use a user has according to the payment he has made.
Terms and Conditions


The user of this site accepts the use of the IKOMSOFT system as provided in this contract and in its Terms and Conditions, subject to change without prior notice from IKOMSOFT. If the user represents an organization, it is understood that the organization accepts to abide by this contract and that it has the authority to act on behalf of that organization and therefore bind it against IKOMSOFT and accept the obligations established in this contract. The user who does not agree with this, will not be able to use the services provided by IKOMSOFT.

Registration of Accounts and Users

IKOMSOFT provides a software service that is accessed through its website www.ikomsoft.com Users who access this service must register an account and provide the information requested in the forms that are enabled when registering an account. IKOMSOFT assumes that any information entered in these forms is made under oath and therefore exonerates IKOMSOFT from having false information about any user.

IKOMSOFT allows the entry of a limited number of users according to the plan that each owner or user of account has chosen at the time of registering your account. IKOMSOFT does not allow, under any circumstance, that these users are different from those that the owner of the account has decided to qualify as such for the use of the platform and these can not be replaced by other people who know the credentials to enter the platform . If a situation like this happens, IKOMSOFT will not be responsible for the pernicious use of the account information against the owner of the same or against the user or against third parties.

Service description

IKOMSOFT provides the service of your web application in payment mode. The user acquires a non-exclusive license to use the IKOMSOFT system according to the conditions of the plan that he has chosen at the time of paying for the service, or if this is the case he accepts the conditions he has as a user but at no time acquires ownership over the platform.

The copyright on the software works that make up the platform and the Services will be owned by IKOMSOFT and under no interpretation of these terms of service will be understood transferred to the user.

The IKOMSOFT service starts at the moment of registering an account on the IKOMSOFT website, after having accepted the conditions expressed in this contract. The service consists of using the IKOMSOFT software available at ikomsoft.com and all the services available on associated websites.

The user becomes aware of the services for which he is paying at the time of using any of the plans offered by IKOMSOFT. IKOMSOFT will not be responsible in any case for the mistakes made by the user at the time of choosing your plan, nor at the time of entering or entering your personal information as well as the operation and progress of your business activity or the classification that makes of the same what will irremediably affect the results thrown by the Software.

IKOMSOFT understands that the owner of the account and the users are aware of any changes made in the configuration of the account, as well as that he will make the changes that he considers pertinent. IKOMSOFT will not be responsible for the loss of information that occurs due to force majeure, fortuitous event or the fact of a third party as explained under the heading "Site Operation".

IKOMSOFT guarantees the User free access to the website www.ikomsoft.com and mobile application to see the information available there, under normal conditions, however the user accepts that there are technical circumstances for which this information may become inaccessible in a temporary and therefore exonerates IKOMSOFT from any type of liability for this fact, with the understanding that this may be due to limitations inherent in the state of technology at present. Scope and level of service

Under normal conditions, the IKOMSOFT platform has a "down time" of approximately 1%, so that the platform is available 99% of the time. IKOMSOFT will advance the steps it deems appropriate, so that the application is available to the user, but does not guarantee the above, as there may be events such as damage to communications, acts of third parties, maintenance or restructuring of the application, between others, that escape the control and responsibility of IKOMSOFT. Notwithstanding the foregoing, IKOMSOFT guarantees users that the application will be available under normal circumstances, as advertised, from anywhere in the world that allows an internet connection, as long as the user remembers the credentials of his account and the conditions of provision of Internet connection service by each provider, allow it.

In such a way that if it could not be accessed by the type of connection or by the deficient service of the aforementioned provider, this does not imply any breach of the provision of the service provided by IKOMSOFT.

Regarding the maintenance and restructuring of the application, IKOMSOFT reserves the right to carry out the necessary steps, without prior notice to users, but will seek to provide them with a notice in advance that they consider convenient or prudent to avoid discomfort or eventual damages in the processing of data or information.

Payment methods

The user can make the payment of the software online, they refer to a month of service, the next payment will be made the same day of the month in which he signed up.

The payment of IKOMSOFT is advanced and the user accepts that recurring charges are made according to the periods chosen. In addition, you agree to notify IKOMSOFT in case you do not want the next payment to be generated.

In case the user does not notify IKOMSOFT, in advance of his desire not to generate the recurring charge, he will have 5 working days to request the return of the money according to the right of withdrawal provided in the Consumer Statute.

IKOMSOFT offers the means of payment listed on its website. However, in order to access IKOMSOFT through some of these payment systems, it may be necessary to register on the part of the account holder, such as a credit card number. account or credit card issued by a financial institution or that is in force, to be able to charge for the services provided in our online software available at ikomsoft.com or in the mobile application. If there are retentions of any kind these will have to be assumed by the user.

IKOMSOFT assumes that the information of the credit card entered to create an account is known by the owner of the account therefore is not responsible for the improper use of credit cards when it is used to register an account , understood as irresponsible use, the falsification and impersonation of the account holder's identity.

IKOMSOFT, therefore, refrains from carrying out all kinds of acts tending to carry out the verification of the User's personal data in order to compare them with those registered in his credit card, since he assumes that the person providing them is his own owner. and for that reason it knows data to which any person does not have access, in addition to not having databases with which to confront such information.

Notwithstanding this, the user authorizes IKOMSOFT to carry out any verification or consultation of his data in any database, information and risk centers and any other source of information that provides history on the way in which he attends his financial and credit commitments, both nationally and internationally.

Account information

IKOMSOFT is a Web application, which provides a site where data that the user manages at your own risk. IKOMSOFT endeavors to keep the information of the users, safe and takes the necessary precautions to do so, but is not responsible for malicious acts of third parties and the consequences of this against the user or against third parties.

IKOMSOFT informs its users that the information it provides will be hosted on servers specifically owned by godaddy, which comply with the highest standards of safety and suitability.

IKOMSOFT is not responsible for the type of information entered by each user in your account or for the inadequate results if it was entered in an inappropriate manner in accordance with the accounting and tax parameters applicable to the matter in each case. It is implied that the user, when using the services of IKOMSOFT, will make a healthy and legal use of all the tools that are made available to him and this exonerates IKOMSOFT from any improper use of his information by any user, understanding himself therefore, use information to evade tax obligations, among others.

IKOMSOFT will not be obliged to ensure the legality of the content and information that users lodge in their account through the services provided, however, they may take corrective action against illegal information, when deemed appropriate.

The user undertakes to use any of the services of IKOMSOFT to (i) not cause physical, moral or mental harm to other users of the service (ii) not use the service for malicious or malicious purposes, or to benefit to the detriment of third parties and much less of the State understood by this, that according to the regulations that are applicable, who should receive money for taxes under any denomination for the result of the commercial operation of the user. (iii) not use the service for criminal or illegal purposes or to profit or illicit benefit for itself or for third parties, whether paid or not, (iv) not publish information that infringes the rights of third parties, such as intellectual property rights, industrial secrets or any other that is owned by third parties and for which it is not authorized (v) publish sensitive information that is no longer current or that could mislead third parties or the State

The user of IKOMSOFT claims to own the information that enters the system and under no circumstances this information will become property of IKOMSOFT, and conversely, the latter company is the sole owner of the platform on which the user enters the information, without regard to it is considered as a transfer due to this contract. If the user terminates the contract, they will have the information at their disposal, but at no time will IKOMSOFT be obliged to deliver it in any form or to carry out any type of migration process, much less to carry out a development so that the information can be analyzed, entered or digitized in any other software, since only data is entered, for consultation and processing in areas of its operation and use.

In addition to the foregoing, IKOMSOFT is not responsible for the improper completion of a form or for the information erroneously provided by the USER at the time of processing or entering the information to the software.

Mode of use of cookies

IKOMSOFT, Through the installation of cookies and their own identifiers and third parties and through tools for the analysis of account use, you can perform follow-up activities for users who use your application. With these tools, IKOMSOFT may collect information from each user for the analysis of statistics and implementation of communication and publicity strategies. These tools can track the user's configuration and make their experience in the application more practical, recognizing and remembering their preferences and adjustments.

To this extent, IKOMSOFT may collect usage data, such as duration of use, or demographic data such as origin, sex and age. IKOMSOFT uses this information for analytical purposes. The IKOMSOFT user can disable these tools.

Communication Policy

When registering an account with IKOMSOFT, the account holder must enter an email and a contact telephone number, as well as register all the information requested by the software in order to determine not only its identification, but also that which allows the software to process the information. information that the same user completes or enters. By doing so, you agree to receive all emails and calls with information about the use of IKOMSOFT, promotional information or other information processed or sent by IKOMSOFT.

Additionally, users will have the possibility to communicate with the IKOMSOFT team in case they have questions or doubts to solve, general questions about their account or about the software as such. For the previous cases, you must write to info@ikomsoft.com. or use the support tab available in the application. Account Security

IKOMSOFT ensures the security of the password provided by the account holder and users when registering an account with IKOMSOFT and guarantees that it will take the measures that are within its reach so that this password is not seen by third parties, but not You can assume the responsibility of guaranteeing your confidentiality. On the other hand IKOMSOFT is not responsible for the misuse of the password by the user or for the use of passwords that are easy to decipher, assuming that whenever the user accesses the system, the user does it directly.


THE CLIENT may not apply reverse engineering techniques, decompile or disassemble the software, or perform any other operation that tends to discover the source code. In addition, the separation of the components is forbidden. IKOMSOFT authorizes the use of software as a single product. The component parts can not be separated to be used in more than those units or work stations in which the COMPANY installs it, nor make use of them separately.

Interruption and Termination of Service

IKOMSOFT reserves the right to terminate the service at any time, both permanently and temporarily, for those cases in which successive payments must be made.

IKOMSOFT may unilaterally terminate a user's account in the following scenarios: (i) In the event that the USER uses the services provided by IKOMSOFT for purposes contrary to the law, especially those that infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties and all of IKOMSOFT and other users; (ii) In the event that IKOMSOFT finds that the USER is making use of its account for the transmission of malicious programs such as viruses, malware, spywares, Trojans or similar, that may compromise the proper functioning of the IKOMSOFT platform or that may harm third parties; (iii) When there are elements that allow IKOMSOFT to infer that the USER does not have the minimum age to contract the Services, under the terms of the second article of these Conditions.

IKOMSOFT reserves the right to decide whether the content published by the users, as well as the text or photo material that is uploaded to the IKOMSOFT website, is appropriate and conforms to the Conditions. In this sense, IKOMSOFT may prevent the publication and commercialization of content that infringes image and privacy rights of third parties, as well as those that are offensive, defamatory or that constitute violations of the law. Paragraph: Service Suspension.

THE COMPANY reserves the right to suspend the provision of services to the USER and to disable its access to the Software, as well as any of the modules created for THE USER if after two attempts to collect the service the collection is unsuccessful, or in case of not receiving payment for the service in the agreed manner. The USER will be suspended from service with advance notice.

In case of suspension, the USER account will not be reactivated until the payment of all those debts that at that moment are in charge of the user have been made completely.

With the acceptance of this policy, the Holder expressly authorizes to transfer and transmit Personal Information. The information will be transferred and transmitted, for all the relationships that may be established with IKOMSOFT. We inform that the data provided by the users will be registered in our servers. By accepting the terms and conditions of use of the platform the user authorizes Online Security to the processing of their data for purposes named in this policy.

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